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-  Plug Tray -

There are many different breeding methods in the nursery industry. Plug tray breeding being one of the beneficial methods given the outstanding breeding result it offers. 


The traditional breeding methods usually followed by some flaws. Some of them are: higher risk of disease harm, small and weak sprout,  require more labour work and so on. The use of trays results in several benefits, such as lower potential in disease harm, stronger sprout quality and less seeding time and labour work.


A good plug tray is usually in black with rectangular or trapezoidal openings. These features prevent the roots from direct sun exposure and potential root circling around the container. Different corp seeding breeding usually require different volume of soil and nutrient, which often result in different hole number on the plug tray. For examples, eggplant is better fitted in the class of 72 hole plate, melons is 50 aperture plate, and pepper is 105 aperture plate etc. 

The plug tray we manufacture are made in black polystyrene (PS). The PS film is stamped with customized mold of different volume and aperture number. Each of the stamped plate will be examined by the quality control to eliminate any potential defects. 
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